preteen wknd logo.png
(1) When Is It?

Friday, August 6, 6pm - 8pm AND

Saturday, August 7, 5pm - 9pm 

(2) Who Can Come?

This event is just for Pre-teens who have completed 3rd - 6th grade

(3) How much does it cost?

$45 for each Pre-Teen

(4) What's included for $45? 

- Dinner on both nights.

- Private Swim at the NRH Centre on Friday night. 

- Fun T-shirt

- Nerf Battle on Saturday night (pre-teens will need to bring their own Nerf guns. We will have extra ammo.) 

(5) Where is it?

Friday: Please drop your Pre-Teen off at the NRH Centre

Saturday: Please drop your Pre-Teen off at Bear Valley Church